5 Natural Ways to Have White Teeth

Torie Natalova    •    04 Oktober 2016 23:15 WIB
5 Natural Ways to Have White Teeth
Illustration (Photo: AFP/Getty/Greg Wood)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: White and shiny teeth could boost confidence. However, cosmetic dentistry treatments could be very expensive.

Here are natural ways to whiten teeth:

1. Banana skin
Banana skin contains potassium, magnesium and mangenese that could remove teeth stains. Rub the inner part of the banana skin onto the teeth.

2. Apple vinegar
Apple vinegar could be used as mouthwash. Mix a spoonful of apple vinegar with water.

3. Turmeric
turmeric coulld strengthen gum.

4. Baking soda
Baking soda could withen teeth. However, it also could damage enamel. So, do not use it too often.

5. Activated charcoal.
Activated charcoal could clean teeth stains. Mix it with tootpaste and water. After that, apply the mixture on teeth for three minutes.