Colorful East Indonesia in Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    11 Maret 2016 11:30 WIB
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Colorful East Indonesia in Indonesia Fashion Week 2016
(Photo:Sri Yanti Nainggolan/MTVN), Jakarta: The colorful East Indonesia was presented at the first day of the Indonesian Fashion Week, Thursday (3/10/2016). 
The theme of  "Touch of East Indonesia" is a collaboration of Yurita Puji (APPMI West Java designer) and Julie Laiskodat (owner of a woven boutique in East Nusa Tenggara). 
The fashion show presented 48 clothing, comprising of ready to wear clothes, cocktail attires and couture. 
Julie, in a press conference prior to the fashion show, explained that East Indonesia is identical with bright colors, except for Flores, which is closely related with dark colors.
The materials used in their clothes have varied, including the combination of linen, rose silk, organza and satin, up to silk. These clothes became more luxurious with the additional accents of embroidery, sequins and Swarovski.
"We hope the quality and affordable local products may capture the hearts of fashion enthusiasts," Julie conveyed.