7 Habits That Can Damage Child's Teeth

Sri Yanti Nainggolan    •    09 September 2016 23:35 WIB
7 Habits That Can Damage Child's Teeth
Illustration (Photo: AFP)

Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Parents should closely monitor their children's dental health. How?

Dentist dr. Eva Fauziah said there are several habits that can damage your children's teeth:

1. Using pacifier

Don't give your children a pacifier before sleep. The remains of milk in the pacifier can cause plaque.

2. Consuming snacks and soda beverages

Snacks, sodas and other foods with high sugar level can can cause acidity inside the mouth.

3. Sucking on food

The habit can trigger cavities.

4. Sucking fingers

The habit can make the teeth grow unevenly. 

5. Biting hard items

It can make the teeth have fractures. Besides that, bacteria in the items can cause infection and digestive problems.

6. brushing teeth incorrectly

Brushing teeth twice a day after breakfast and before sleeping can reduce cavities by 50 percent.

7. Not visiting dentist routinely

Most parents usually bring their children to dentist when it is too late. Parents should check their children's teeth since they are 1 year old.

"Adults are advised to visit the dentist twice a year, while children are advised for three times in a year," Eva explained.