Three People Arrested After Kampung Melayu Bombing

Roni Kurniawan    •    26 Mei 2017 18:10 WIB
Three People Arrested After Kampung Melayu Bombing
Illustration (Photo: Ant), Jakarta: Police have arrested three people who were allegedly involved in the twin suicide bombing at the Kampung melayu bus terminal in East Jakarta on Wednesday.

The operation was held in West Java on Friday morning. The supsects were caught in separate locations.

"They were involved in the Kampung Melayu bombing," the West Java Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Yusr Yunus said.

The operation was conducted by the Special Detachment 88 Anti-Terror. The suspects were identified with initials A, W and J.

"They were brought for further examination," the spokesman said.

The twin suicide bombing killed three police officers and injured eleven others.