MKD Removes Ade Komarudin from Speaker Position

M Rodhi Aulia    •    30 November 2016 15:52 WIB
MKD Removes Ade Komarudin from Speaker Position
Ade Komarudin (Photo:Antara/Yudhi Mahatma), Jakarta: The House of Representatives Ethics Council (MKD) has removed Ade Komarudin from speaker position.

"MKD discovered a medium ethical violation," MKD chairman Sufmi Dasco Ahmad said on Wednesday (11/30).

"We dismissed Ade Komarudin from speaker position," he stated.

Several lawmakers reported the Golkar lawmaker earlier this year. They claimed the politician obstructed the tobacco bill deliberation.

MKD deputy chairman Sarifuddin Sudding underlined that Golkar Party did not influence the decision. Previously, the political party agreed to return the speaker position to Setya Novanto.