Aceh Oil Well Fire Death Toll Rises to 18

Muhammad Al Hasan    •    25 April 2018 18:59 WIB
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Aceh Oil Well Fire Death Toll Rises to 18
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Jakarta: The death toll from a fatal explosion at a traditional oil well in East Aceh regency has jumped to 18, police said Wednesday

"Most of them suffered burns on 70 percent of their body area," National Police Spokesman Inspector General Setyo Wasisto said.

"The case is still under investigation," he added.

The explosion occured during a drilling operation in early morning. the incident caused a 100 meter high fire at the location.

Police have sterilized the location to prevent more casualties. They have coordinated with other related agencies to put out the fire.

Traditional oil wells are easily found in the oil-righ regency. They are not closely supervised by the government.