Transjakarta to Add More Buses during Asian Games

Nur Azizah    •    13 Juli 2018 13:57 WIB
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Transjakarta to Add More Buses during Asian Games
PT Transjakarta president director Budi Kaliwono. (Photo: Medcom/Nur Azizah)

Jakarta: PT Transjakarta will operate hundreds of additional buses during the 2018 Asian Games, the region-owned company's president director Budi Kaliwono said Thursday.

"We will welcome foreign guests with new buses," he told reporters.

The region-owned company currently operates as many as 1,600 buses throughout the city. It plans to operate as many as 2,000 buses during the multisport event.

"According to INASCOG, the number of athletes could reach 16,000. As the result, we may also add more athlete buses," he added.

The multi-sport event will take place in Jakarta and Palembang from August 18-September 2. It will include 462 events in 40 sports.

Jakarta and its nearby regions will host most events. Palembang will host women's football, tennis, canoeing, rowing, sepak takraw, bowling, sports climbing, beach volleyball, shooting and roller sports.