Setya Novanto Injured in Car Accident in West Jakarta

Ilham wibowo    •    16 November 2017 23:06 WIB
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Setya Novanto Injured in Car Accident in West Jakarta
Setya Novanto (Photo: MTVN/Desi Angriani)

Jakarta: The electronic identity card (e-KTP) graft suspect Setya Novanto had a traffic accident in Permata Hijau, West Jakarta on Thursday, Novembe 16, 2017.

"I am in Medika Permata Hijau Hospital right now. I am in VVIP room," Novanto's lawyer Fredrich Yunadi told Metro TV.

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) issued an arrest warrant for the House of Representatives speaker earlier this week. The anti-corruption watcdog Visited the private residence of the Golkar Party chairman last night.

"We have sent some officers to the location. We have deployed five cars," said KPK spokesperson Febri Diansyah.

Novanto was named as a suspect in the high-profile case this year. He was accused of abuse of power.

Novanto allegedly manipulated the deliberation of the mega-project in 2010. He was Golkar Party faction head at the time.