Prabowo, SBY to Hold Meeting Tomorrow

Whisnu Mardiansyah    •    20 Desember 2018 19:55 WIB
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Prabowo, SBY to Hold Meeting Tomorrow
Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak ( Yona Hukmana)

Jakarta: Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto is scheduled to hold a meeting with Democratic Party chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Friday.

"The two retired generals will hold a meeting. They will discuss a number of issues," Prabowo's campaign team spokesperson Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak said here on Thursday.

"They will talk about our campaign strategies. They will evaluate the strategies," the spokesperson added.

Indonesia will hold the first ever simultaneous presidential and general elections on April 17. Voters will pick the president and lawmakers on the same day.

In the upcoming elections, the opposition camp consist of Gerindra Party, Democratic Party, PKS, PAN and Berkarya Party. On the other hand, the pro-government coalition include PDI Perjuangan, Golkar Party, PKB, PPP, NasDem Party, Hanura Party, PKPI, Perindo and PSI.

"The first debate will be about law, human rights, corruption and terrorism. The second debate will be about energy, food resilience, natural resources, environment and infrastructure. The third debate will be about education, health, human resources, social affairs and cultural affairs. The fourth debate will be about national ideology, governance, defence, security and international relations. The fifth debate will be about economy, welfare, finance, investment, trade and industry," KPU chairman Arief Budiman told a press conference on Wednesday.

"The first and fifth debates will be attended by presidential and vice presidential candidates. The second and fourth debates will only be attended by presidential candidates. The third debate will only be attended by vice presidential candidates," The KPU leader added.