Two Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Tanjungbalai

Suryadi Ilyas    •    19 Oktober 2018 16:31 WIB
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Two Suspected Terrorists Arrested in Tanjungbalai
Police have arrested hundreds of suspected terrorists in the past few months

Jakarta: The Tanjung Balai has confirmed that the Police Special Detachment 88 Anti Terror (Densus 88) recently arrested two suspected terrorists.

The two suspects were captured in Nbung Bay, Tanjungbalai, North Sumatra yesterday afternoon. They were shot by police during the operation.

"We were forced to shoot the suspects. They threw knives to our officers," Tanjungbalai Police head Adunct Senior Commissioner Irfan Rifai told reporters on Thursday. 

The terror suspects reportedly stored pipe bombs and explosives at their home. They allegedly had links with a series of terror attacks in May 2018.

"This case will not affect security situations ahead of the upcoming presidential and general elections," the police official said.