Villagers in Riau Perform Ritual to Repel Sumatran Tiger

   •    05 April 2018 13:24 WIB
Villagers in Riau Perform Ritual to Repel Sumatran Tiger
Sumatran tiger inside Taman Rimba zoo, Jambi (Photo: Antara).

Pekanbaru: Villagers of Sinar Danau in Riau Province held a 'Sema Kampung' ritual aiming to ask for safety of the community following an incident of Sumatran tiger attack in the region.
"To local people, this ritual, called Sema Kampung, is believed to provide safety for the community and for the tiger itself," Spokespoerson of Riau Province's Natural Resource Conservation Office (BBKSDA) Dian Indriati said here on Thursday.
A female Sumatran Tiger was reported to have mauled two villagers in Sinar Danau Village, Pelangiran subdistrict, Indragiri Hilir District, Riau Province.
The tiger was later identified to be two years old and named Bonita. The Sema Kampung ritual was also performed by villagers of Pulau Muda, a neighboring village of Sinar Danau.
In the ritual, villagers placed offerings comprising meat and fruits to several designated places. They also lit several candles around the offerings.
"Every measure believed to be able to save human lives as well as the tiger's we will support. This ritual is a belief of local people when they found disturbances," Indriati said.
Indriati said that the office was tracking the sumatran tiger that had been recently seen to have been roaming around an oil palm plantation of PT Tabung Haji Indo Plantation fo the last three months before leaving to an area called the Green Belt.
Meanwhile, Division Head of Area I of Riau's BBKSDA Mulyo Hutomo said that the office had also tasked an expert of animal communication, a Canadian national, within a joint team to track Bonita in the forest and oil palm plantation area.
Bonita has been talks in the region after killing two villagers in the region, The first victim was Jumiati.  The 33-year old female was attacked on early January 2018 while working at KCB 76 Block 10 Afdeling IV Eboni State, Tanjung Simpang Village, Pelangiran, Indragiri Hilir.
The second was Yusri Efendi (43) who was mauled at an area located 15 km from Jumiati's. On of only six subspecies of tigers that survive today, Sumatran tigers are only found on the Island of Sumatra and are classifeid as critically endangered.
Its Javan and Balinese relative have become extinct. In addition to conflict with human, accelerating deforestation and poaching of Sumatran tigers for trading also pose serious threat to the survival of the rare protected animal. (Antara)