11 Witnesses Summoned over Balikpapan Oil Spill

Muhammad Hilmansyah    •    05 April 2018 13:59 WIB
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11 Witnesses Summoned over Balikpapan Oil Spill
Balikpapan is a major oil city in the country. (Photo:Ant)

Jakarta: Police are still investigating an oil spill off the coast of Balikpapan city in East Kalimantan province.

"It is caused by a cracked pipeline network. We are still investigating the case," said East Kalimantan Police special crime director Senior Commissioner Yustan Alpiani in Balikapapan on Wednesday.

State-owned oil company Pertamina initially denied responsibility. However, the oil giant then admitted that its pipeline was the source of the leakage.

Police have questioned 11 witnesses to gather evidence. Meanwhile, local officials have declared a state of emergency to address the environmental damage.

The spill has occurred since early Saturday. The incident has led to at least five deaths.