32 Villages in South Sumatra Hit by Flooding

   •    18 Februari 2019 15:53 WIB
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32 Villages in South Sumatra Hit by Flooding
Illustration (Photo:Medcom/M Rizal)

North Musi Rawas: Floods have inundated 32 villages in five districts in North Musi Rawas regency in South Sumatra Province following incessant heavy rains since Friday.

Two rivers -- Rawas and Rupit -- spilled over their banks and flooded the villages, Zulkifli, head of the North Musi Rawas disaster mitigation
office, stated here, Monday.

In Karang Jaya, floods affected the seven villages of Tanjung Agung, Rantau Telang, Bukit Ulu, Muara Batang Empu, Sukamenang, Terusan, and Embacang Lama. The villages of Lesung Batu, Lesung Batu Muda, Lubuk Kemang, and Remban in Rawas Ulu Sub were also flooded.

In Rupit, flooding hit the nine villages of Noman, Noman Baru, Batu Gajah, Maur, Maur Baru, Bingin Rupit, Karang Anyar, Lubuk Rumbai, and Pantai. The villages of Karang Dapo 1, Kertasari, Rantau Kadam, and Karang Dapo in Karang Dapo district were inundated.

Floods also submerged Mandi Angin, Beringin Makmur I, Tanjung Raja, Belani, Batu Kucing, Pauh, Pauh I, and Bingin Teluk villages in Rawas Ilir Sub-district.

The floodwaters in North Musi Rawas began to subside, but the intensity of rainfall was still high, he noted.

The flooding submerged residential areas, cut off roads, damaged two bridges, and forced several schools to temporarily cease class activities. North Musi Rawas District Head Syarif Hidayat urged flood victims to be vigilant of more flooding and possible water-borne diseases.

During the period from January to mid-December last year, a total of 2,572 natural disasters had hit the country, leaving at least 4,821 people dead or missing, according to the government data.

Of the total, 2,572, or 96.9 percent of the natural disasters, were hydrometeorological in nature, such as floods, landslides, and whirlwind, while 76, or 3.1 percent, were geological disasters, such as earthquakes. (Antara)