West Kalimantan Officiates 147 Fire-Alert Villages

Agung Widura    •    08 Mei 2017 14:58 WIB
peatland fire
West Kalimantan Officiates 147 Fire-Alert Villages
Illustration (Photo: MI/Melati)

Metrotvnews.com, Pontianak: The West Kalimantan Regional Distaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) has prepared at least 147 fire-alert villages.

"They can prevent, detect and tackle forest fires," BPBD head TTA Nyarong said in Pontianak on Monday.

The agency will collaborate with local governments. It will coordinate with law enforcement officials.

The villages will observe hot stops. They will monitor slash and burn practices.

"The West Kalimantan provincial administration has not announced emergency status," Nyarong said.

The province will enter dry season soon. It will face dangerous haze problem.