Thousands of Residents Held Hostage in Papua

Lis Pratiwi    •    09 November 2017 13:04 WIB
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Thousands of Residents Held Hostage in Papua
Illustration (Photo: MTVN), Jakarta: Hundreds of armed criminals are holding thousands of village residents hostage in Tembagapura district in Papua province.

According to police, the armed criminal group started the hostage situation two days ago. They besieged the village area between Kimberly and Banti. 

"The village residents are prohibited from leaving. As the result, they are isolated from outside world" the Papua Police head Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar said in Jayapura on Thursday.

"The village residents still can do daily activities. However, they can only do limited activities," he said.

Accoding to him, the police will prioritize persuasive measures to end the hostage situation. They will ask the armed criminals to free the village area.

"We will focus on public safety. We will ensure maximum security," he underlined.