Police, Military to Secure 212 Reunion

Siti Yona Hukmana    •    30 November 2018 18:13 WIB
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Police, Military to Secure 212 Reunion
Jakarta Metro Police spokesperson Argo Yuwono (Photo:Medcom.id/Siti Yona Hukmana)

Jakarta: Jakarta Metro Police spokesperson Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono on Friday said authorities would deploy as many as 20 thousand personel to secure the planned 212 reunion.

"We will deploy around 20 thousand personnel. Police, military and local officials will work together," Agus said.

The 212 reunion will be held at the National Monument Square in Jakarta on Sunday. The rally reportedly will be organized by an Islamic mass organizaion called the 212 Alumni Brotherhood (PA 212).

The Jakarta Metro Police has received the permit request regarding the event. It also has prepared measures to prevent traffic congestion.

"It may depend on the situation. We may need to divert traffic," Agus said.

"We are still calculating the total number of the participants. We are still waiting the reports," Agus said.