More Bullet Holes Found in Lawmakers' Offices

Whisnu Mardiansyah    •    17 Oktober 2018 13:19 WIB
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More Bullet Holes Found in Lawmakers' Offices
Illustration (Photo:MI)

Jakarta: Bullet holes were found in the offices of legislators Vivi Jayabaya Sumantri and Totok Daranto at the Parliament Complex in Central Jakarta on Wednesday.

Vivi is a House of Representatives member from Democratic Party. Her office is located at the 10th floor of Nusantara I building.

Totok is a lawmaker from National Mandate Party (PAN). His office is located at the 20th floor of the same building.

"The bullet holes are similar with the previous incident. The bullet holes may be caused by yesterday's incident," Gerindra Party lawmaker Sufmi Dasco Ahmad told reporters when visiting Vivi's office.

On Monday, the offices of legislators Wenny Warouw and Bambang Heri Purnama were hit by stray bullets. According to police, the bullets were fired from a nearby shooting range.

"Some people held a shooting training at the Senayan Shooting Range. The stray bullets hit a building at the Parliament Complex," House of Representatives Speaker Bambang Soesatyo said in a press conference at the time.