Visited by Jokowi, JK Directly Talks Business

Dheri Agriesta    •    10 September 2015 14:20 WIB
vice president jusuf kalla
Visited by Jokowi, JK Directly Talks Business
Jokowi visit Jusuf Kalla (Photo: JK spokesperson, Husain Abdullah), Jakarta: President Joko Widodo visited Vice President Jusuf Kalla at his personal residence. Both discussed light matters, up to the serious matters of work.

"It is common, we only talk about work," said JK at the Vice Presidential residence in Jalan Diponegoro, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (9/10/2015).

Both spoke of light matters surrounding the health of the Indonesian number two. President and Vice President had also joked prior to the serious talks.

Moreover, JK went through the whole day yesterday at the hospital. He was not present when President Jokowi and the ministers of Work Cabinet announced the national economic policy package. The economic policy package has also become the main theme of the small discussion between the two leaders.

"On the economic developments, on policy packages. Aside from that, he wanted to see the development of my health. As president, he surely has great attention," he explained.

President Joko Widodo asked the senior politician to safeguard the application of the economic policy package. Moreover, the policy package was only a plan, as the application has to be guarded. "What matters is the implementation," he stated.

When asked whether President Jokowi urged JK to rest following his departure from the hospital, JK answered with a little joke. "No. The one who have to test me is the doctor, not the president. Moreover he wanted to leave, so we discuss what we needed to discuss," said JK.

JK was fresh. A smile keeps blooming from his face, but his eye bags were thick, probably due to exhaustion.

Last night, JK stayed at the Kencana Pavillion of the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM). A ring was placed in JK's heart, when treated at the hospital. He believed that this medical procedure may help in maintaining his health.

JK did not hesitate with RSCM in installing a ring at his heart, as the hospital has a great experience in conducting the medical procedure, equal to the foreign hospitals. The senior politician of Golkar Party elaborated that the doctor's team did not take long in installing the ring.