Wind-Powered Electricity Generation in Sidrap Ready to Commissioning

   •    02 Maret 2018 11:53 WIB
Sidrap Electricity
Wind-Powered Electricity Generation in Sidrap Ready to Commissioning
Turbin at PLTB SIdrap will commissioning soon (Photo: Antara).

Jakarta: Wind-powered electricity generating (PLTB) project in Sidrap, South Sulawesi, would start commissioning soon, state-owned electricity company (PLN) official said hete on Thursday.
The progress of the 75 MW plant development has already reached 97.7 percent, business director of the Sulawesi regional branch of PLN Syamsul Huda said.
He said all its 30 wind turbine generators in the biggest PLTB in Southeast Asia in the village of Mattirotasi and Lainungan, Sidenreng Rappang (Sidrap) have already been installed.
"24 of the 30 turbines have received an operation worthiness certificate," he added.
The director general of new, renewable energy and energy conservation of the ministry of energy and mineral resources, Rida Mulyana, said that the PLTB project was part of the government's efforts to achieve the target of new and renewable energy source development.
"This PLTB will be our pride and proof that the government is serious in its efforts to develop new and renewable energy sources," he said.
Syamsul Huda said he would closely monitor details of the first PLTB development project as part of the government's 35,000 MW development program to assure its completion as scheduled and quality.
"With total power of 75 MW, PLTB Sidrap will support six percent of the peak burden in the southern part of Sulawesi covering South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi and Palu," he said.
He said PLTB Sidrap will be able to distribute electricity to 67,000 customers with an average power of 1,300 VA.
Huda said each PLTB tower has a height of 80 meter and a 57 meter long propeller. He said PLTB in Sidrap will be the first and biggest PLTB in Indonesia built on a 100 hectare only plot of land.
Based on research speed of wind at the location could turn the turbines with a capacity of 75 MW. PLTB Sidrap uses 40 percent local components but for the tower the local components reach 80 perecent, he said.
At present electricity supply in the southern part of Sulawesi has a surplus of 250 MW with capacity of 1,300 MW and peak burden at 1,050 MW.
In 2018 the surplus will increase to 500 MW following the presence of new plants. In view of that Huda called on investors to not hesitate to invest in South Sulawesi. (Antara)