Port of Pelabuhan Ratu Fully Function in 2019

   •    05 April 2018 13:11 WIB
Maritime development
Port of Pelabuhan Ratu Fully Function in 2019
?Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi at the site of Pelabuhan Ratu (Photo: Media Indonesia).

Majalengka: Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi said the port of Pelabuhan Ratu in the southern coast of West Java in the regency of Sukabumi, should be fully operational in 2019.
"I have called on friends in Sukabumi to use the port of Pelabuhan Ratu. We want the port to function fully in 2019," Budi said here on Wednesday.
The port of Pelabuhan Ratu would utilized fully to facilitate sea transport to Jakarta. Shipments by sea for cargoes like mining materials and other goods would be more efficient in cost, he said.
Transport over land is inefficient with risk of traffic jams. A barge could carry 100, 200 , 300 even up to 7,500 tons of goods as against only 20 tons by a truck, he said.
"Therefore, transports by sea is far more efficient," he said.
Pelabuhan Ratu also serves as weekend tourist destination especially with the Ciletuh Geopark that could be reached in 30 minutes by ship from the port. (Antara)