15 People Still Missing after Sukabumi Landslide

Roni Kurniawan    •    04 Januari 2019 12:59 WIB
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15 People Still Missing after Sukabumi Landslide
Authorities have found 18 bodies

Sukabumi: Rescuers are still searching for at least 15 residents who were missing after a landslide hit the West Java regency of Sukabumi this week.

"We have added more excavators," Bandung Search and Rescue Agency spokesperson Joshua Banjarnahor told Medcom.id on Friday.

On Monday afternoon, a landslide hit a settlement of 30 houses in Cisolok district. The disaster killed at least 18 people and injured few others.

"We have identified 16 of them," the spokersperson told reporters on Thursday.

In recent days, heavy rains caused landslides and flooding across the country. The peak of the rainy season will begin around January-February 2019.