Prosecutors Demand Death Sentence for JAD Leader Aman Abdurrahman

Fachri Audhia Hafiez    •    18 Mei 2018 14:24 WIB
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Prosecutors Demand Death Sentence for JAD Leader Aman Abdurrahman
Aman Abdurrahman (

Jakarta: Prosecutors on Friday demanded a death sentence for radical cleric Aman Abdurrahman over his alleged role in various terror attacks.

Aman is widely known as the founder of Jamaah Ansharud Daulah (JAD) terror network. He is allegedly involved in the Thamrin sucide bombing in 2016.

"We demand a death sentence for Aman Abdurrahman," said the prosecution team during a hearing at the South Jakarta District Court.

"We don't find any mitigating factors for the defendant," the prosecution team added.

Police deployed more than 100 officers to guard the trial. They prohibited civilians -- except for court employees and journalists -- to enter the court compound.

On Sunday, a family carried out coordinated suicide bombing attacks at three separate churches in Surabaya. The attacks killed at least 18 people and injured more than 40 others.

A day later, another family carried out similar suicide bombing attacks at a police station in Surabya. The attacks killed four perpretators and injured ten civilians and police officers.

On Wednesday, a number of men carried out a sword attack at a police station in Pekanbaru. The incident killed one police officer and injured few others.