South Sumatra’s Imports Rose to USD39.25 Million

   •    05 Maret 2018 10:57 WIB
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South Sumatra’s Imports Rose to USD39.25 Million
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Palembang: South Sumatra's imports rose 0.65 percent in value to USD39.25 million in January, 2018 from a month earlier, The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of the province said.

“The imports in January included USD2.41 million in oil and gas and USD36.84 million in other commodities,” said Head of the BPS South Sumatra Yos Rusdiansyah.

The increase in imports  was attributable to a 5.99 percent rise in the imports of commodities other than oil and gas. Imports of oil and gas dropped 43.13 percent in the same period.

Year-on-year, the imports in January shot up 31.58 percent from USD29.83 million, Yos said here on Monday .

The main commodities imported by the province were fertilizer, electric machines and equipment  and cement, steel, ceramics  and optical equipment.

Fertilizers accounted for the largest part of imports by the province, which is a large producer of urea fertilizer. Its imports of fertilizer contributed 24.32 percent to its total imports in value. (ANTARA).