Jokowi Vows to Eradicate Illegal Retribution

Dheri Agriesta    •    11 Oktober 2016 18:11 WIB
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Jokowi Vows to Eradicate Illegal Retribution
President Joko Widodo (Photo: MTVN/Dheri Agriesta), Jakarta: The government plans to launch Illegal Retribution Eradication Operation (OPP).

President Joko Widodo discussed the plan during cabinet meeting on Tuesday (10/11) afternoon.

Not long after the cabinet meeting, Jokowi heard police caught several Transportation Ministry officials for collecting illegal retribution. He then visited the Transportation Ministry office to observe a search there.

"Bureaucratic Reform Minister and Transportation Minister will fire the officials," he said at the Transportation Ministry office.

"Stop illegal retribution. We have OPP now," he stated.