Most Indonesians Reject Radicalism: Wahid Foundation Survey

Mulvi Muhammad Noor    •    02 Agustus 2016 22:55 WIB
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Most Indonesians Reject Radicalism: Wahid Foundation Survey
Wahid Foundation director Yenni Wahid (center) (Photo:MTVN/Mulvi), Jakarta: Wahid Foundation has recently released a survey about the threat of radicalism and intolerance among Indonesian Muslims. The survey found 72 percent of respondents reject radicalism.

"However, there are also bad news," said Wahid Foundation director Yenny Wahid in a press conference in Bogor, Monday (8/1/2016).

The survey showed 7.7 percent of respondents support radicalism. Meanwhile, 0.4 percent of respondents admitted they have conducted at least one intolerant activity in their lifetimes.

The survey also found correlation between rejection of radicalism and democracy. Most respondents who reject radicalism strongly support democracy.

"74.5 percent of respondents believe democracy is the best system for Indonesia. 82.3 percent of respondents support Pancasila as national ideology," Yenni continued.

1,520 Indonesians Muslims participated in the survey.