Parties to Propose Parliamentary Threshold Increase

Al Abrar    •    25 Oktober 2016 16:44 WIB
Parties to Propose Parliamentary Threshold Increase
Illustration (Photo: MI/Susanto), Jakarta: Several political parties have commented the parliamentary threshold in the general election draft bill.

The government submitted the draft bill to the House of Representatives last week. The government proposed the threshold to be maintained at 3.5 percent.

Nasdem wants to increase the threshold to seven percent. Nasdem politician johnny G. Plate said the policy will simplify the parliament.

"Political parties have to work hard to pass the threshold," Plate told on Tuesday (10/25).

Meanwhile, Golkar wants to rise the threshold to ten percent. Golkar politician Hetifah Sjaifudin mentioned the policy will reduce the number of parties in the parliament.

"We want significant hike," said Hetifah.