Gerindra Wants to Maintain Electoral Threshold

Al Abrar    •    27 Oktober 2016 14:16 WIB
Gerindra Wants to Maintain Electoral Threshold
The Parliament Complex (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: Gerindra deputy chairman Ahmad Riza Patria said the party prefers to maintain the electoral threshold at 3.5 percent.

"The party prioritizes the public interest," said Ahmad at the Parliament Complex in Jakarta on Thursday (10/27).

Ahmad stated Gerindra is not worried with higher electoral threshold. The party received 11 percent votes in the last legislative election.

"We reached third in the last legislative election," he continued.

Previously, several parties proposed higher electoral threshold. PDIP recommended six percent. Meanwhile, Nasdem Party suggested seven percent.

"It will simplify decision making process in the parliament," said PDIP politician Andreas Hugo Pareira.