Britain's Labor Party Confirmed Not to Support Papua's Independence

M Rodhi Aulia    •    17 November 2016 20:46 WIB
Britain's Labor Party Confirmed Not to Support Papua's Independence
PKS visit to Labour Party in England, Jakarta: Britain's Labor Party has confirmed that it would not support Papua's independence. The support which had circulated was not the official stance of the party. 
"The Labor Party has never given any support for Papua's independence. On the contrary, it fully supported Indonesia's territorial sovereignty," said the Chairman of PKS Faction, Jazuli Juwaini in a press release on Thursday (11/17/2016).
It was mentioned by Jazuli after PKS faction met with the representative of the Labor Party in England, Hon John Spellar MP at the British Parliament Office in London, Wednesday (11/16). Jazuli admitted of being pleased with the official clarification.
"We have appreciated the clear and firm stance of the Labor Party on Indonesia's territorial integration, as well as clarifying the developing issues so far," said the member of Commission I of the House of Representatives on defence. 
The Labor Party is the largest opposition party in England, as it is focused on the defense of labor rights. PKS faction is interested in learning. 
"We would love to learn how to build strong and effective opposition and establishing partnership in struggling for the rights and welfare of the labor," he said.
Previously on a visit to England, PKS faction also met with the Conservative Party, the ruling party in England, NGO Tell Mama which is active in islamophobia victims advocation. Then, it also met with the Director of Islamic Center London, Charity Institution of Islamic Relief, and the Indonesian Embassy in England.
"The visit is a serious efforts from PKS faction to strengthen the friendships and partnerships with strategic partners abroad. As also a parliamentary diplomacy applied by PKS faction to strengthen Indonesia's political position in the international communities," Jazuli said.
The leaders and members of PKS faction joining were Sukamta, Aboe Bakar Alhabsy, Iskan Qolba Lubis, Rofi' Munawar, Andi Akmal Pasluddin and Johan Rosihan.