April Group Invests US$100 Million for Peat Restoration

Krisiandi    •    02 Desember 2015 14:25 WIB
peatland fire
April Group Invests US$100 Million for Peat Restoration
April Group in COP21 (Photo:MI/Siti Retno Wulandari)

Metrotvnews.com, Paris: In the midst of the conference on climate change in Paris 2015, or Conference of Parties (COP), the fiber, paper and pulp producing company of April Group announced the news in the restoration of peat land.
Aside from doubling the land restoration up to 150,000 hectares, the company operating in Riau will invest money at around US$100 million to around Rp1.36 trillion for the restoration program within 10 years.
The investment value is the largest that a private company has invested in the single eco-restoration in Indonesia. Investment of April covers the studies, restorations and coverage, along with management and partnership.
Director of Operation at April Group Indonesia, Tony Wenas mentioned the commitment of his company proves that the private sector is supporting the environmental preservation for climate goals. "Not only making promises, we are really showing results," mentioned Wenas in Paris, Tuesday (12/1/2015).
Meanwhile, a stockholder of April Group, who is also the Director of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), Anderson Tanoto mentioned that COP 21 mentioned that COP21 is a momentum for global community to create breakthroughs for the future of the environment.
"And this investment shows our commitment which covers the importance of the environmental services and the needs of inclusive approach to the people," mentioned Anderson.
"We continue to learn from the experience and develop the approach to provide benefits for the environment, economic chances through work opportunities and infrastructure developments, as also providing values for local communities," mentioned Anderson.
April Group is committed on the Riau Ecosystem Restoration (RER), a program drafted by the company in cooperation with the Flora and Fauna International and one local NGO named Bidara in 2013. The program is meant to protect and return the peat land in Semenanjung Kampar, Riau, under the concession of Indonesian government.
Most of the RER restoration regions is protected during the fire and the land burning which happened this year. The worst incident of forest fire causing the haze disaster has hit the South East Asia. It proves the effectiveness of the land preservation approach conducted by April and led to the larger investment.
The activity of conservation and restoration of April Group has achieved 400,000 hectares of the forest in Indonesia. The coverage area is six times of Singapore and almost the same as the width of the commercial plantation. The conservation for the plantation 1 on 1 is one of the commitments made by the company designed in the mainframe of Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP).  
"The partners involved in the RER hopes that the commitment can be a blue print which may take the role as a reference for the government and private sectors with the strong cooperation and vision," mentioned the Director FFI Asia Pacific, Tony Whitten.
The peat land in Indonesia is considered as the endangered ecosystem in the world. Semenanjung Kampar is one of the largest peat land in South East Asia. The tropical forest of Kampar is overflowing with natural diversity, where there are many endangered species, including Sumatran tigers and Ming bears.
RER conducted four measures,  which arr protection, observation and research, restoration and management of destroyed peat land. This model is equipped by the Free Fire Villages program and the April Group's management strategy, to ensure that Semenanjung Kampar is free from fire.