Indosat Ooredoo Appoints New President Director

Ellavie Ichlasa Amalia    •    17 Oktober 2018 20:05 WIB
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Indosat Ooredoo Appoints New President Director
Indosat Ooreedoo has announced its new management.

Jakarta: Indosat Ooredoo appointed Chris Kanter as its new president director in an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on Wednesday.

Chris replaced Joy Wahyudi who resigned last month. He previously served as a commissioner in the telecommunication company.

Chris is the founder and CEO of Sigma Sembada Group. He is an influential businessman in logistics, transportation and construction sectors.

According to reports, the meeting also appointed Eyas Naif Assaf and Arief Musta'in as new directors. Besides that, it also appointed Hilal Suleiman Malawi, Andrew Tor Oddvar Kvalseth dan Ahmad Abdulaziz A A Al-Neama as new commissioners.

The new Board of Commissioners:
1. Waleed Mohamed Ebrahim Alsayed (President Commissioner)
2. Hans Anthony Kuropatwa 
3. Hilal Suleiman Malawi 
4. Heru Pambudi 
5. Edy Sudarmanto 
6. Andrew Tor Oddvar Kvalseth 
7. Ahmad Abdulaziz A A Al-Neama 
8. Syed Maqbul Quader 
9. Elisa Lumbantoruan 
10. Wijayanto Samirin 

The new Board of Directors:
1. Chris Kanter (President Director) 
2. Eyas Naif Assaf 
3. Arief Musta’in 
4. Haroon Shahul Hameed 
5. Irsyad Sahroni