Three Most Favourite Mobile Game Genres for Indonesian Gamers

Lufthi Anggraeni    •    02 April 2016 20:29 WIB
Three Most Favourite Mobile Game Genres for Indonesian Gamers
9APPS revealed game apps are highly sought during holiday 9APPS and UC Web announced their latest research which revealed that game apps are the most favourite apps for Indonesian mobile users during holidays.
“The majority of our users are between 15 to 25 years, by observing their behaviours during the holidays, we can understand what the users need during regular days or holidays, which is important for us to provide the best experience in the app store usage," said the Product Manager of 9APPS Indonesia, Freddy Liu.
Based on the research, the overall downloading activities increased by 5 percent per day during the Easter holiday last week.  Meanwhile, the downloading activities of game apps increased by 12 percent.
The research also revealed racing, action and adventure as the most downloaded game genres. The main reason is their multi-player abilities.
The number of downloads for the three game genres were doubled during Easter holidays, as much as 15, 22 and 65 percent respectively.
9APPS concluded that the users of mobile gadgets - dominated by teens - tend to spend their holidays by grabbing their hands on applications.
Mobile games have become the main choice as they can be played anywhere, as they become one of the means to enliven their holiday.