All-Female Peacekeeping Force from Rwanda is set to South Sudan

   •    27 Juni 2018 11:13 WIB
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All-Female Peacekeeping Force from Rwanda is set to South Sudan
Conlfict is still lingering in South Sudan (Photo: AFP).

Kigali: Rwanda is set to send an all-female formed police unit for deployment in South Sudan under the UN peacekeeping mission, the Rwandan police said Tuesday.
The contingent is the first female team to be sent on a foreign mission by the country.
The female police peacekeepers expected to leave the country in the next few days specialize in public order management like crowd control, facilitating delivery of humanitarian assistance, escort duties and protection of UN facilities among others, according to the police.
Addressing the contingent ahead of deployment, Dan Munyuza, Deputy Inspector General of Police, urged the force to observe maximum discipline despite volatile environment.
"You are well-equipped, well-trained and disciplined. Rwanda expects you to adhere to the highest standards of behavior and conduct yourself in a professional and disciplined manner and always strive to protect and promote Rwanda's image abroad," he told the female police officers.
Munyuza appealed to the contingent to maintain their commitment to and support for UN operations in South Sudan.
In 2009, former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon launched a campaign to increase the share of female peacekeepers to 10 percent in military units and 20 percent in police units by 2014, however the target was missed, according to the UN.
Rwanda first deployed its police peacekeepers to South Sudan in 2015, according to the police. The country is one of the leading troops and police contributing countries to UN peacekeeping missions. (Antara)