Australian Ambassador Summoned by FM Retno

Marcheilla Ariesta    •    16 Oktober 2018 19:58 WIB
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Australian Ambassador Summoned by FM Retno
Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi (

Jakarta: Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has summoned Australian Ambassador in Indonesia Gary Quinlan to ask about the possible transfer of Australia's embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"This afternoon (16/10) I summoned the Ambassador of Australia in Jakarta and conveyed Indonesia’s strong concern as well as questions the merit of Australia’s announcement on the issue of Palestine," said the Indonesian top diplomat on her official Twitter account on Tuesday.

Earlier today, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison hinted that the country's embassy in Israel may be moved to the holy city. The evangelical Christian denied that the proposal is influenced by his faith and religion.

"Australia has taken no decision on the matters affecting Jerusalem. But we are looking at the situation and looking different options," the Australian Ambassador told reporters after the meeting.

He was very very clear about what he said regarding Australia’s position strongly in favor to the two state solution where we have two states, Israel and Palestinian state, living side by side in peace and security," he added.