EU, ASEAN to Improve Interregional Cooperation

Sonya Michaella    •    02 Mei 2017 16:03 WIB
EU, ASEAN to Improve Interregional Cooperation
UE Ambassador to ASEAN Francisco Fontan (right) (Photo:MTVN), Jakarta: The European Union (EU) and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) have vowed to improve the EU-ASEAN interregional cooperation to celebrate the 40th anniversary of EU-ASEAN partnership.

"We will continue interregional cooperation" EU Ambassador to ASEAN Fransisco Fontan said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

"We will strengthen regional security cooperation," he added.

EU and ASEAN will prepare several commemorative events. EU and ASEAN will also hold several high level meetings.

"We will hold an international conference on sustainable development goals 2030 in Thailand," he stated.