Siti Aisyah in Good Condition: Retno

Sonya Michaella    •    13 Maret 2017 14:49 WIB
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Siti Aisyah in Good Condition: Retno
Siti Aisyah (Photo:AFP/Mohd Rasfan), Jakarta: Indonesian diplomats met Siti Aisyah at Kajang Prison in Selangor, Malaysia on Saturday.

"We have visited Siti Aisyah twice," Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said in Jakarta on Monday.

"She is in good condition," Retno continued.

Kim Jong-Nam was dead in Malaysia on February 13. The North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un's brother was allegedly assassinated with poison by two women.

Malaysian police caught Siti Aisyah few days later. They also caught several other suspects.

Malaysian court started the trial on February 28. They will resume the trial on April 13.