Indonesia Welcomes UN Resolution on Jerusalem

Fajar Nugraha    •    22 Desember 2017 15:44 WIB
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Indonesia Welcomes UN Resolution on Jerusalem
Israel occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem city in the 1967 Middle East war. (Photo:AFP/Thomas Coex)

Jakarta: The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has backed a resolution demanding that the United States (US) immediately withdraws its recognition of Jerusalem city as the capital of Israel.

The non-binding resolution was approved by as many as 128 countries. It was rejected by only nine countries.

About 35 countries abstained during the voting. The remaining 21 countries did not cast a vote.

"Indonesia warmly welcomed the voting result in the General Assembly regarding the important resolution. The voting result has shown that Indonesia and the world fully support the Palestinian People," said the Foreign Ministry in a press release on Friday morning.

"Indonesia will encourage all parties to support the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. Indonesia will maintain diplomatic supports to realize Palestinian independence," the written statement added.

On December 6, the US unilaterally recognized the Jerusalem City as the capital of Israel. As the result, It will move its embassy to the holy city.