Indonesia to Raise Two Issues in MIKTA

Marcheilla Ariesta    •    19 Desember 2017 14:50 WIB
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Indonesia to Raise Two Issues in MIKTA
Foreign Deputy Minister A. M. Fachir (Photo: MTVN/Marcheilla Ariesta)

Jakarta: Indonesia  will chair MIKTA dialogue group in 2018. The country will raise two main issues to other member countries.

"We will become the coordinator. We will focus on two main issues," said Foreign Deputy Minister A.M. Fachir in Cental Jakarta on Tuesday morning.

"Firstly, peace and security issue. Secondly, creative economy issue," he added.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Indonesia will encourage other member countries to support UN peacekeeeping operations. Furthermore, the country will boost multilateral efforts to improve creative economy collaborations.

The informal forum consists of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Australia. The chairmanship rotates annualy between the five countries.

The chairmanship was handed over to Indonesia earlier this month. The handover ceremony was held during a ministerial meeting in Turkey.