Jokowi Highlights Rakhine Crisis in ASEAN Summit

Achmad Zulfikar Fazli    •    13 November 2017 16:23 WIB
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Jokowi Highlights Rakhine Crisis in ASEAN Summit
President Joko Widodo (Photo: Presidential Secretariat)

Manila: President Joko "Widodo" highlighted Myanmar's Rakhine crisis during the 31st ASEAN Summit at the Philippines International Convention Center in Manila, the Philippines on Monday, November 13, 2017.

"The humanitarian crisis not only monitored by ASEAN countries. It is also monitored by the whole world," Jokowi said.

During the meeting, Jokowi encouraged peaceful means to resolve the complicated court. He also urged neighboring countries to support the Myanmar government.

"We should not stay idle. We should not leave Myanmar alone," he added.

According to him, Indonesia has delivered humanitarian assistance to assist the troubled region. It also has conducted diplomatic efforts to help desperate refugees.

"We have submitted the 4+1 formula proposal. We have endorsed Kofi Annan's recommendation," he added.