Govt Receives Two Indonesian Sailors

Sonya Michaella    •    13 Desember 2016 19:49 WIB
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Govt Receives Two Indonesian Sailors
The Sulu Archipelago in the southern Philippines (Photo:Mark Navales), Jakarta: Two Indonesian sailors who were recently released by Abu Sayyaf militant group in the southern Philippines have been received by the Indonesian Consulate in Davao.

"We will run psychology assessment," Indonesian Foreign Ministry citizen protection director Lalu Muhammad Iqbal said on Tuesday (12/13).

"We will send psychology expert," he continued.

The two Indonesian sailors were released on Sunday (12/12). Muhammad Nasir and Robin Pieter were kidnapped on June 22.

"We accepted goodwill from MNLF," he stated.

Abu Sayyaf militants are still holding four Indonesian sailors.