Indonesian Diplomats Meet 2 Hostage Escapees in Philippines

Fajar Nugraha    •    08 September 2017 17:44 WIB
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Indonesian Diplomats Meet 2 Hostage Escapees in Philippines
Sulu Archipelago (Photo:AFP/Mark Navales), Jakarta: Indonesian diplomats have met with two Indonesian hostage escapees, Saparuddin bin Koni and Sawal bin Maryam, in the southern Philippines.

"They are still in Zamboanga. They are currently at the AFP WEstMinCom military," the Indonesian Embassy in Manila's defence attache Colonel Asep Saefudin told Metro TV on Friday.

"They will be returned to Indonesia trough Davao. They will be accompanied by the Indonesian Consulat in Davao staff, " he added.

The two Indonesians escaped from Abu Sayyaf militants earlier this week. They run away during shootouts between the ISIS-linked militants and Philippine troops.

The two Indonesians were held by Abu Sayyaf militants in southern Philippines for months. They were caught by the ISIS-linked militants in Malaysian waters last November.

"They were happy to meet  fellow Indonesians. They were relieved to be able to be free from Abu Sayyaf group," he said.