Trump Calls Jokowi, Offers Support After Disaster

Fajar Nugraha    •    03 Oktober 2018 16:09 WIB
Central Sulawesi Earthquake
Trump Calls Jokowi, Offers Support After Disaster
Devastating impact of earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi. (Photo: AFP).

Washington:  U.S President, Donald J.Trump spoke on the telephone with President Joko Widodo. Trump shares his condolences for the earthquake and tsunami that struck Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, on September 28, 2018.
"Our support to the victims and their families and acknowledged the Indonesian Government’s leadership in response to the crisis," said President Trump, as said on U.S Embassy Statement, October 2, 2018. 
"We offered to provide immediate assistance and pledged to work closely with the Government of Indonesia to identify additional United States assistance to best support relief efforts," he added.
While President Joko Widodo ensured evacuation assistance for disaster victims in Palu, Donggala, Central Sulawesi. The President said that the first heavy equipments has already arrived and logistics had begun to step in the devastated area , even though it still needs more effort .
Jokowi added that some of the fuel tanker had already entered the disaster site. He hopes that the fuel can be supplied  today.
He admitted that fuel supply was the first obstacle for the evacuation process. Because, the heavy equipment use in search process, definitely needed fuel.