Indonesia Seeks Support for UN Security Council Membership

Fajar Nugraha    •    28 September 2015 15:32 WIB
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Indonesia Seeks Support for UN Security Council Membership
Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry Arrmanatha Nasir. (Photo: MTVN / Fajar Nugraha), New York: Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi continued to seek support for Indonesia's effort to become the temporary member of the UN Security Council.

Indonesia's membership has become a topic mentioned in every bilateral meeting of the minister, in between the activities of the Plenary Session of the United Nations (UN). It is also to become a discussion topic for FM Retno, when conducting the bilateral meeting with German FM Frank Walter Steinmeier, as well as her British counterpart, Phillip Hammond.

The meeting is to be conducted on Monday, September 2015 New York time, or Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Indonesian time.

"Basically, there are two topics mentioned by Indonesia, during the bilateral meeting with the ministers of other countries," mentioned the Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry, Arrmanatha Nasir, at the Indonesian Representative for UN Building, New York, Sunday (9/27/2015) US time. 

"First, Indonesia is always looking for the support in becoming the temporary member of UN's Security Council," he continued.

Not only the temporary membership of the Security Council, minister Retno will also discuss the Schengen visa waiver in several European countries. The talks are being discussed with European Union and Germany.

It is interesting to see how Indonesia is adamant in gathering support for UN Security Council in 2019-2020z according to Arrmanatha, there are several benefits that Indonesia has.

One of the main points is that Indonesia has been active in international community, one of them being the member of UN Human Rights Council.

"We have always put forward, in resolving a problem, diplomacy. It is well known that Indonesia's approach is without force," said the man closely known as Tata.

"But Britain, as a member of UN Security Council, can not explicitly state whether they support or not supporting Indonesia's temporary membership in UN (Security Council)," he mentioned.

The rival for Indonesia in the group applying for membership in UN Security Council membership is Maldives. But Indonesia still has a leading point, although not easy.

"There is a tendency in UN, as seeing how many (temporary members of the UN Security Council), its contribution for peace force operation," he added.

According to UN Security Council reform, Arrmanatha mentioned, "Still exploring other countries' stances".

Aside from the UN Security Council membership, one of the issues to be discussed is the problem of Syrian refugees. According to him, refugees will be an issue to be discussed during the bilateral meetings, as well as the countries hosting Syrian refugees.