Philippines Repatriates 168 Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims

Desi Fitriyani    •    05 September 2016 13:33 WIB
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Philippines Repatriates 168 Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims
168 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims in the Philippines returned home on Sunday, September 4 (Photo:MoFA), Manila: The Philippine government has repatriated 168 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims on Sunday, September 4. 

They flew with a charter plane from Manila International Airport. Some of them got off in Makassar, while others disembarked in Jakarta.

101 Hajj pilgrims are from Makassar, while others are from several regions in the country

177 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims were caught at Manila International Airport on August 19. They tried to travel to Saudi Arabia with illegal Philippine passports.

The remaining nine pilgrims are still in the Philippines. They are still needed as witnesses in the case.