One More Indonesian Hostage Released by Abu Sayyaf

Desi Fitriyani    •    22 September 2016 19:44 WIB
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One More Indonesian Hostage Released by Abu Sayyaf
Herman Manggak (Photo:Metro TV), Zamboanga: Abu Sayyaf militant group in the southern Philippines has released another Indonesian hostage named Herman Manggak.

According to Metro TV reporter Desi Fitriani in Zamboanga, Herman underwent health examination on Thursday (9/22) afternoon. The medical team declared him in healthy condition.

Herman will be moved from Zamboanga to Davao. He will be united with three Indonesians who were freed by Abu Sayyaf last week. They are expected to return home this weekend.

Herman was kidnapped by the militant group in the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas last month. At the time, he was a captain of a Malaysian vessel.

Currently, five Indonesians are still taken hostage by Abu Sayyaf.