Indonesia Eyes Interpol Presidency in 2020

Meilikhah    •    11 November 2016 14:54 WIB
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Indonesia Eyes Interpol Presidency in 2020
Illustration (Photo: AFP), Bali: NCB-Interpol secretary Brig. Gen. Naufal Yahya revealed Indonesia wants to lead Interpol in 2020.

"We will be ready next four years," said Naufal in Bali on Friday (11/11).

Naufal mentioned Indonesia will select the best person to run for Interpol president. The person can be from the National Police or other agencies.

"If the person has capability, the person can run for Interpol president," Naufal stated.

Indonesia hosted the 85th Interpol General Assembly in Bali earlier this week. The global police agency elected Chinese official Meng Hongwei as president during the general assembly.