No Indonesian Casualties in Typhoon Chaba

Fajar Nugraha    •    06 Oktober 2016 19:40 WIB
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No Indonesian Casualties in Typhoon Chaba
The aftermath of Typhoon Chaba in South Korea (Photo: M Aji Saka), Seoul: The Indonesian Embassy in Seoul has contacted Indonesian citizens in South Korea after Typhoon Chaba hit the country.

Typhoon Chaba made landfall in South Korea on Wednesday (10/5). It battered Jeju Island, Busan, Ulsan and other regions.

"We contacted our friends in Jeju. Typhoon destroyed fishponds there," the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul consular official M Aji Saka said in a written statement on Thursday (10/6).

"However, there were no Indonesian casualties," he continued.

Local authorities said Typhoon Chaba killed at least six people.