Indonesia Yet to Receive Diplomatic Notes from China

Sonya Michaella    •    21 Juni 2016 16:08 WIB
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Indonesia Yet to Receive Diplomatic Notes from China
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir (Foto:MTVN/Sonya Michaella), Jakarta: Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir mentioned that the Indonesian government has not received diplomatic notes from China regarding the seizure of Chinese fishing vessel in Natuna waters last week.

"We have not received diplomatic note from China," said Arrmanatha at his office, on Tuesday (6/21/2016).

"We captured one vessel along with its seven crew. They are in good condition. No one is injured. Indonesian Navy is still interrogating them," he elaborated.

Arrmanatha reiterated that Indonesia has rights to protect its economic exclusive zone in Natuna. 

"China has good relations with Indonesia. We have robust economic and political relations. But our law must be respected," he underlined.