Europe Month Held in Indonesia

Sonya Michaella    •    09 Mei 2016 16:52 WIB
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Europe Month Held in Indonesia
Europe Month press conference, Jakarta, Monday, May 9 (Photo:MTVN/Sonya Michaella), Jakarta: The European Union (EU) is going to hold Europe Month in several cities in Indonesia this May. The EU celebrates its anniversary on May 9.
"We will hold Europe Month in Indonesia to increase public interest on Europe," said European Union Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Guerend, Jakarta, Monday (5/9/2016).
"Indonesian people will not only learn about European cultures. They will also get information about our activities in Indonesia," he continued.
Europe Month was started with the 16th Europe on Screen that was held in six major cities in Indonesia from April 29 until May 8. More than 2,000 people attended the film festival.
"We screened 78 movies from 22 European countries," Guerend added.
Europe Month will also consist of art and cultural events held by European countries including Czech Republic, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.